If you are unable to join us for the Fundraiser, please consider making a donation to contribute to the cause. Tracey has been in the Neuro-Intesive Care Unit at Penn Presbyterian since January 6th. She suffered a Grand Mal Seizure and collapsed while attending a party. Her heart stopped and she was brought back to life by the blessed hands of her closest girlfriends. She has been relentlessly fighting to reduce the swelling of her brain with the help of the amazing staff at Penn Presbyterian. She has a long journey to recovery and we are asking for your help. Tracey has always been there for everyone. If she gets invited to a party, she is always the first person there. If you asked for it or not, she is always the first person to lend a helping hand. She has the biggest heart and is the rock of our family. 

Any amount that that you can contribute is appreciated beyond measure. Please continue to pray for our mother as she continues to fight this long, uphill battle. 
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Total Collected:
$ 4,431

Recent Contributors

Linda Bedard Date Received: 02/25/2018
Valentina Soup Date Received: 02/22/2018
Minha Khan Date Received: 02/16/2018
Jody-Ann Forrester-Small Date Received: 02/14/2018
"Brian, Please know that Ainsworth and I are praying for your mom and your entire family.May the Lord have his way."
DeAndre Rhett Date Received: 02/14/2018
Thomasa Bradley Date Received: 02/14/2018
Maureen Magrann Quinn Date Received: 02/11/2018
Brittany Hennessy Date Received: 02/11/2018
Tatiana Pozdnyakova Date Received: 02/11/2018
"One Love"
Beans S Date Received: 02/10/2018
Stacey Judge Date Received: 02/10/2018
John Devitt Date Received: 02/10/2018
"Sending my thoughts out to Shawn's amazing mom"
Ally Holbert Date Received: 02/10/2018
"Praying for you all. Love you Brian & Kristy <3"
Zac Trojak Date Received: 02/10/2018
"Praying for your family "
Anonymous Date Received: 02/10/2018
"We all love you Aunt Tracey "
Mike And Vanessa Capers Date Received: 02/10/2018
"Our thoughts and prayers are with you"
Molly McTamney Date Received: 02/10/2018
Rhonda Johnson Date Received: 02/9/2018
Anonymous Date Received: 02/9/2018
"GOD will show out for you Aunt Tracey! "
Marina Parznik Date Received: 02/9/2018
Ginny Uff Date Received: 02/8/2018
"Keeping Tracey in my prayers. "
Team Below The Rim Date Received: 02/7/2018
"The whole team is keeping you and your family in our thoughts Brian"
Dominique Spence Date Received: 02/6/2018
Allison Williams Date Received: 02/5/2018
"My thoughts and prayers are with you Tracy and your Family for healing, comfort, and encouragement."
Kyle Riedy Date Received: 02/5/2018
Mike Contorno Date Received: 02/4/2018
Whiladean Dunlap Date Received: 02/3/2018
"I send prayers to you and the family. God will provide."
Kharis Cakes By Kharis Date Received: 02/3/2018
"Ive never met Tracey but know shes family to Tonya which makes her family to me. Praying for her recovery."
Zach Stata Date Received: 02/2/2018
"Coach B - Our family is keeping you and your mom in our prayers."
Alicia Bond Date Received: 02/1/2018
"Prayers for a speedy recovery to your love one."
Marcelina Garcia Date Received: 01/31/2018
"Keep your head up Brittany you,your mom and your family are in my prayers."
Nafeesa Nasir Date Received: 01/28/2018
"Praying for total healing of your mother in Jesus name."
Alice Sherlock Date Received: 01/27/2018
Nest Donation Date Received: 01/27/2018
Drew Bauer Date Received: 01/25/2018
Nikki Jarman Date Received: 01/24/2018
"I love you Tracey"
Mike And Sue Zulli Date Received: 01/23/2018
"Best wishes for a speedy recovery"
Chuck Riley Date Received: 01/23/2018
"Have faith, Brian! "For I will restore you to health and heal your wounds," says the LORD. -Jeremiah 30:17"
Nancy And Mike McKee Date Received: 01/23/2018
Joan Lobb Date Received: 01/23/2018
Art And Liz Cramp Date Received: 01/23/2018
Deborah Sweeney Date Received: 01/23/2018
Stephanie Plunkett Date Received: 01/22/2018
"Keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers."
Scott Yard Date Received: 01/21/2018
"Praying for a rapid and complete recovery"
Jerry Mujica Date Received: 01/20/2018
"Our prayers are with you and your family!"
Drew Person Date Received: 01/20/2018
"Praying for you one day at a time."
Emory McLeod Date Received: 01/19/2018
"Our thoughts are with you and your family"
Robin Roper Date Received: 01/18/2018
Brett Stevens Date Received: 01/18/2018
"Thinking of you and your family Brian."
Holli Arrison Date Received: 01/17/2018
"Sending thoughts and prayers! "
Megan Shirbach Date Received: 01/17/2018
"Thinking of you and your family. "
Liza Armas Date Received: 01/17/2018
Keith Long Date Received: 01/16/2018
"I hope Tracey makes a full recovery very soon."
Ateeya Barnes Date Received: 01/16/2018
"Keeping your family in prayer, asking God to lay a healing hand on your loved one and make her whole again!"
Bridget And Andrew Cording Date Received: 01/16/2018
"Sending thoughts and prayers your way! Hang in there!"
George Haas Date Received: 01/16/2018
Mark McGeeney Date Received: 01/16/2018
"You and your family are in my prayers Brian"
John Baron Date Received: 01/16/2018
"Love you Momma Reid BReid and Fam! From the Barons"
Melanie Bergen Date Received: 01/16/2018
"Thoughts and Prayers to you and your family! "
Jignesh Patel Date Received: 01/16/2018
"Brian - thinking of you man, hope all goes well"
Michelle Ferrell Date Received: 01/16/2018
Eric Deissler Date Received: 01/16/2018
Vic Ameye Date Received: 01/16/2018
Michelle Nieczpiel Date Received: 01/16/2018
Lura Pavlo Date Received: 01/15/2018
"Thinking of you and your family! "
Ann Harness / Derric Rushlow Date Received: 01/15/2018
"Brian...we are praying for your mom, you, Kristy, & your family. "
Megan McGraw Date Received: 01/15/2018
Rebecca Grisillo Date Received: 01/15/2018
"Thinking of you and sending positive energy your way."
Corinne Murphy Date Received: 01/15/2018
"Keep fighting!"
Megan & Ryan Saltzman Date Received: 01/15/2018
"Sending prayers to Tracey and her family!"
Midure Family Date Received: 01/15/2018
"Praying for you all!"
Alysha & Greg Parker Date Received: 01/15/2018
"Our thoughts and prayers are with you! Stay strong! "
Maximilian Kennedy Date Received: 01/15/2018
"Adding Tracey Reid to our Prayer Journal. The Lord can do amazing things!"